Terms & Conditions

Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions.


Appointment hours are Monday to Saturday 7am to 9pm. 9am to 5pm is  £50 per hour, outside these hours and on Saturdays,  the rate is  £60 per hour.


Singers requiring technical coaching (singing lessons) will first undertake an assessment to determine their suitability for training.


Singers requiring  performance coaching/recording will not need assessment.


Deposits are required for all lessons, sadly, due to the system being abused in the past this is non refundable or transferable.


Cancellations with  less than 24hrs notice,  will be required to either rebook the session within 10 days of the original appointment or the full fee being due for the missed session.


If no notice is given and the client does not provide any contact prior to the beginning of the session, the full fee is payable, and it may be decided that  the client  is  unable to book further sessions.


Should  a client  arrive and  be deemed too unwell or  they are infectious, full fee will be due. This includes  colds, flu, etc. Please contact the studio for clarification  if there is any doubt. Providing sufficient notice is given, every effort will be made to rebook an appointment as soon as possible.


Please contact the studio by phone or text message if you are running late. If have not made contact within 15minutes of the original session start time, we reserve the right to cancel the session, or only provide the remaining minutes of the session.


Each session will begin  and end at the agreed time, additional time may be available by negotiation but will be chargeable at the full rate


Pre paid sessions  must be taken within 6months of the payment date . Exceptions to this will be considered on a case by case basis.


Gift vouchers are non refundable and are valid for 12 months.


All sessions are at the clients own risk. Any changes in voice quality, breathiness or hoarseness should be reported to your GP. If, during the session, any  concerns are observed, again you will be informed and  advised to seek medical attention.


Recordings made of technical lessons are for  personal use only and must not be shared or copied without permission.